tehpoker said: You are acting all pro-Starfish all of a sudden, but when I asked you for some more Starfish in Magic back in 2011 you responded with, and I quote, "Starfish can suck it." (I can't link to the question here, but googling that phrase will get you there.)

Called out!

Here’s the original post with my answer:

tehpoker asked: Firstly, let me say how refreshing it is to finally see a block that DOESN’T feature elves and goblins for the umpteenth time. As for my actual question, before inquiring what creature types Magic should have that doesn’t yet (btw, Walrus and Platypus, wholeheartedly), shouldn’t some spotlight be given to the “forgotten” creature types Magic DOES have? Jellyfish, Goat, Pegasus, Turtle, Scorpion, Harpy, Hippo, Whale, Satyr, Starfish, all of these and more are cool types that deserve some love.

I am very pro-goat, pro-hippo and pro-turtle. I believe pegasus, scorpions, harpies and satyrs each make perfect sense in the right block.  I acknowledge that jellyfsh have a popular following for purely nostalgic reasons (Man O’ War). Starfish can suck it. :)

You got me. I’m a starfish bandwagoner, only hopping on once they got a ground swell of support. 

Please don’t think less of me.