fernby said: Have you even considered changing the pronouns on cards that say, "his or her hand/library/etc." to a gender neutral singular pronoun such as they/them or xe/hir to be more inclusive to non-binary gender identities?

Words are central to the game and I definitely agree that words hold a lot of power. The issue is that our number one priority for the words in our game is clarity. We’re a game and a complicated game at that. Our words have to make it as easy as possible to understand what you need to do in the game.

Language is ever evolving and with time it fits the beliefs of the society that wields it. Right now the English language is wrestling with gender identity. I believe there will come a time where genderless possessive pronouns are well known, clear and unambiguous.

That time though is not yet upon us and as a game that has to prioritize the clarity of its language, we need to wait.