ghallberg said: I would just like to say that I'm very happy that you are taking the time to look up Emmara's story and to write it down for us. This is the stuff that makes me like you! :) (And you make Magic awesome.)

So here’s what happened. Originally, some of the maze runners (aka guild champions) were rare and some were mythic rare. They couldn’t all be mythic rare because we only had nine mythic rare slots. Ral Zarek, a planeswalker, had already taken up the tenth slot. (Planeswalkers for complexity and specialness reasons need to be mythic rare.) 

We talked about Ral just being the Izzet representative but decided that for numerous purposes (Commander being one of the biggest) we wanted a blue/red legendary creature and thus an Izzet maze runner. 

It was decided well into development that the maze runners should all be the same rarity which meant they had to be rare as mythic rare wasn’t possible. This resulted in us making some changes to turn the mythic rare maze runners into rare maze runners. 

One of those swaps was Voice of Resurgence with Emmara. As many have guessed, Emmara originally made the */* token (seen in the background of her art). It wasn’t a straight swap and there was lots of massaging of both cards. That is what happened.