bsushort said: How many Squirrels could you design before you've exhausted all of the good design space of Squirrels?

I have an endless amount:

Squirrel Next Door

Brown-Eyed Squirrel

The Squirrel from Ipanema

The Squirrel with the Dragon Tattoo

Squirrel, Interrupted

Squirrels Gone Wild

Squirrel Scouts

Squirrel on Fire

Squirrel Meets World

American Squirrel

Barbie Squirrel

Big Squirrels Don’t Cry

Bobby’s Squirrel

Calendar Squirrel

California Squirrels

Candy Squirrel

Diamond Squirrel

Earth Squirrels Are Easy

Even Cowsquirrels Get The Blues

Fat Bottomed Squirrels

Georgy Squirrel

Squirrel Is Mine

Squirrel U Want

Squirrel Watcher


Squirrels on Film

Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels

Squirrels Just Want to Have Fun

Squirrels of Summer

I Kissed a Squirrel 

If I Were Your Squirrel

Island Squirrel

Jessie’s Squirrel

Kiss the Squirrel

The Most Beautiful Squirrel in the World

My Best Friend’s Squirrel

My Squirrel

Rich Squirrel

There’s a New Squirrel in Town

Valley Squirrel

What a Squirrel Wants

Who’s That Squirrel?

You’re Gonna Lose That Squirrel

New Squirrel

Gossip Squirrel

2 Broke Squirrels

Mean Squirrels

Working Squirrel

Gilmore Squirrels

Powerpuff Squirrels’

The Golden Squirrels

Tank Squirrel

Uptown Squirrels

Jersey Squirrel

Lars and the Real Squirrel

His Squirrel Friday

Funny Squirrel

Squirrel with a Pearl Earring

Material Squirrel

Two Squirrels, A Guy and a Pizza Place

Just One of the Squirrels

Some Squirrels

Who’s That Squirrel?

Yeah, I have a few ideas.