scofalik said: Did you ever looked at AVR as a whole? If you did, tell me, how can you call this set balanced because I have no friggin' idea. Also, thanks for not-seeing obvious 2CMC gap in zombies archetype and shuting down this 2-month-old archetype with 0 useful cards for it.

I’ve come up with a new function for my blog. I am going to try and help people learn how to be nicer on the internet. (A big challenge I know, but someone has to start somewhere.)

scoalik, You have some valid questions, but is this tone necessary?  Could you not have asked the exact same questions without attacking me in the process, especially as you were trying to get me to answer them?

From now on, I am going to start calling people out who are being jerks for no particular reason. I am being nice and am putting myself out here to answer your questions. The least I can expect from all of you is some basic civility. (Let me stress that the vast majority of you are very nice and I really  appreciate it.)