notpatrick-thatsforsure said: Because its unlikely were getting a whole wedge block, is there still going to be three-color cards printed in standard? Especially cards like Doran, the Siege Tower, where we have at least some legendary cards, and maybe some spells and creatures at rare outside of sets where colors matter?

We have become much more willing over the last few years to do gold-cards on a case by case basis where they make sense. That means that tri-colored cards will be showing up from time to time in other sets.


coriell1 said: I think one of the depressing things about Khans not being a wedge block, similar to Theros not being Enchantmirrodin, is that the mere existence of a wedge set makes seeing a wedge block at any point in the near future an impossibility. Is there any hope for those with dashed expectations?

Let you in on a little bit of truth. The lesson of Shards of Alara block is there’s really not enough design space for an entire block of three-colored cards. You’ll notice that Shards of Alara block cheated by having Conflux have a strong five-color theme and Alara Reborn having the all-gold gimmick rely a lot more on two-color gold cards than three-colored.

The real reason you’re not going to see a wedge block in the future has nothing to do with the Khans of Tarkir block structure but on the fact that there just isn’t enough design space to really make a wedge block work. 

There are all sorts of factors at play. Three-color design is tricky to start with. Having a wedge block pushes you heavily toward having factions of some kind which even more narrows the design space. And then, three-color designs lean heavily on having elements of monocolor design to help fill things out (with things like charms and extra effects to make sure the spell feels like all three colors). That space just gets chewed up quickly making it hard to make more three-color designs that feel unique. 

There’s enough to make one really exciting large set and that’s what we’ve done. One of the things that drew us to wedge is the Khans of Tarkir block structure requires change so we wanted to do something that would be super exciting but would only fill the available space allowing us not to waste a theme that we could build a whole block around.

I use this blog to be bluntly honest with you all. Khans of Tarkir isn’t keeping you from getting a wedge block. Design space was keeping that from happening. Khans of Tarkir is allowing us to blow out the wedge theme in the most exciting way we can.


lordnexvates said: What's our chance of seeing a four-color focused block?

Very low. The design space is tiny.


corveroth said: Considering the amount of Vorthosian dismay engendered by the Arkhos Anomaly and Mongseng Modification, do you think future Planechase sets will invest more effort in validating world names?

We can’t. That’s what I’ve been trying to say. We use plane names for titles and there are things we need to do to clear titles that can only happen within a certain window before a product is released.


corveroth said: Do you actually measure NWO/complexity in a put-numbers-to-it sense, or is it a matter of feel?

It’s a matter of feel. There’s not an exact metric.


senatorofinnistrad said: I know you can't possibly answer every question, or even read them in-depth, but do you skim every question?

I try but I often can’t keep up. You all ask a lot of questions.


necrogr1mtrvekvlt said: How much are the clans centered around their primary color? I'm interested in Abzan as a GW mage, but I never really liked the color black and would be hesitant to play it if the color black ends up being the dominant color (especially in constructed).

Abzan’s primary color is white.


sporefrog said: Wait! So there is no dragon to be found on the plane where dragons developed advanced disguise magic?

No. There will be more info coming about morph and it’s origin.


philbratcher said: Do you have any social media spoilers for Khans lined up?

I have one.


blitch-tasted-coffee said: What's the proper pronunciation of "Ugin"? Is it U(wʊ) - Djinn's jinn(Ʒɪn) or U - begin's gin(gɪn). Since Korean pronounciation of Ugin changed from wʊgɪn to wʊƷɪn so I just want to make it sure.

U as in “ooh”.
Gin with a hard G and rhymes with “tin”. Not “gin” like the drink.


waterrouge said: Can you describe how a Tarkir morph creature does damage, seeing as how it's a big ball of magic? Let's say I'm attacked directly by a morphed creature. How am I damaged, exactly? Am I burned, scratched, bludgeoned, etc?

It’s not actually a big ball of magic/fire. That’s what the morph magic makes it look like.


kalebmulder said: I consider you a role model in my life. You have accomplished so much and have your dream job. That said, how does one achieve their dreams?

Here’s the secret to getting your dream job laid out in one blog post:

1. Figure out what your dreams are.

This part’s harder than it might seem so don’t be upset if this takes a while.

2. Every day take at least one step to get you closer to your dream job.

I’m being very literal here. Each and every day take one step. It doesn’t always have to be a big step just something moving you in the right direction. Not every step will get you there but the constant focus on it increases your chances. The key to success is focus and persistence. A big part of succeeding is never giving up. When one way doesn’t work, try another. Just keep in mind, that getting a dream job takes a lot of work.

3. Recognize when you have reached where you set out to get to and enjoy it.

Be careful of reaching your dream and then moving past it due to momentum. Also, an important part of getting a dream job is getting to do something you love every day. If you don’t have time to enjoy it, you’re doing it wrong.


moone513 said: I enjoyed reading your latest article, as it showed more of the nitty gritty, "nothing goes at planned" part of design we don't often get to see. Too often it seems like things just work out, so I'm glad we got a story that was really kind of all over the place but came together in the end.

The creative process is usually pretty messy. : )


lythari said: I'm a big supporter of the 2 block paradigm, but how will that impact blocks like Khans of Tarkir? Isn't using 3 blocks kind of necessary for KoT?

That’s why it’s a three-set block. : )


rond-en-l-air said: maro, i love abzan but i have a flavor beef with outlast: that creatures who use it can't block next turn. i don't mind sacrificing the attack, but it seems like creatures who outlast should be able to block. did you play around with it a lot in design?

If you are outlasting, you are giving up doing anything else. That’s the interesting strategic choice.